Charlotte Hartwell


Charlotte (she/her) is a mobile snack wagon, turned adventure cyclist who believes in the power of bikes as a mode of transport not just for sport.

Based in the Midlands with her 2 children and pet snail, she likes to explore the urban areas around her as well as the glory of the Peak District. She had the privilege of growing up in the South West of the UK which is where she started cycling as a means to do her paper round. You are as likely to find her hurtling down a hill on a gravel bike as cruising around city streets on her recently acquired single speed.

By day Charlotte works in IT systems development (and really likes spreadsheets). In her spare time she is a director at Women in Tandem in Nottingham and supports Ride for Unity and the Steezy Collective. As someone who has the systemic advantage of being a white, cis woman, Charlotte is keen to use her resources to increase the opportunities available to others to experience the joy of cycling.

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