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Tell Us Your Story

Whether it's an amusing tale about your daily commute, photographs or article of an epic adventure, a random shower thought about bottles cages, or a thought-provoking discourse on the cycling community, we'd be honoured to be your platform to talk about it or show off your work.

Join our team of contributors and get your story out there.

What Are We Looking For?

All of our contributors are cyclists. We're about telling stories, and as well as writing articles ourselves, we'd love to be a place for your work too.

Whether it's a 50 word verse, a photo-documented touring adventure or 1000 words about the best second-hand cycling jersey, we want to showcase it for you.

Contributors retain all copyrights and credit for their work as we want to celebrate you as much as your work. It won't be monetised and we will treat your contribution with the respect it deserves.

We want to hear about your bikepacking adventures, traversing unforgiving terrain and overcoming personal obstacles; the challenges faced getting from your home to your place of work; the joys of being on your bike, the good days, bad days and the days you'll never forget.


Whatever it is that you would like to read about, that is what we'd like you to write about.


How It Works

If you think that you'd like to be a part of Shiftr and allow us to be a platform to tell your story, simply submit your story or your photographs to the team here.

We'll then review your work and let you know if we'd like to publish it on our blogfeed and social media platforms (again, with full copyright and credit retained by you). We'll produce a bespoke article from your submission and release it upon the world!

Although we value stories from all walks of life, we're dedicated to diversity and giving a voice to those who are under represented in mainstream media. All stories from all people are welcome, so long as they marry with our core principles of equality, inclusion, diversity and respect.

Either use the form to submit your work by copy and pasting your text into the field, or drop us an email using the Contact Page or at


Thanks for submitting!