Lindsey Bonner


I'm Lindsey (she/her), 30-something cyclist, hiker, all round lover of moving my body, and soon to be rat race avoider. 


I took to two wheels during lockdown after my world travel plans were disrupted by the pandemic and I ended up back home in the West Midlands. I quickly realised that cycling opened doors to incredible human powered adventures and discovered a passion for multi-day touring. I spent 2021 getting my travel fix by exploring the U.K. such as cycling the NC500 and from Scotland to Birmingham, as well as hiking the Three National Peaks and cycling in between. It's safe to say I well and truly got the cycling bug!


I love riding both road and gravel so long as I'm discovering new places and out in nature. I also enjoy the mechanical side of cycling despite not being a natural strength and am a big advocate for how empowering this is.


In March 2022 I'll be quitting my day job in the corporate world to spend the remainder of the year touring from Turkey back to the UK.

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