Nick Archer

Co-Editor & Designer

I'm Nick (he/him) a somewhat chaotic, relentlessly creative, cis-het man who loves a good adventure almost as much as a good coffee.


As a writer, I provide copy, content and articles for for various media outlets, such as Hucknall Nub and Beta Climbing Magazine. I have written several self-published thriller novels that aren't universally hated.

I love documenting through photography and capturing those moments for subjects to relive, or to inspire others who may see them. Producing Shiftr is a dream, being able to photograph and write about the incredible journeys people undertake, and creating a platform for folks to tell their own amazing stories.

My own cycling journey was instigated, and enthusiastically inspired and encouraged, by incredible women, trans and non-binary folk. Having attended many events in these wonderful communities, I am keen to give my support where I can and use my allyship to grow these spaces.

When I'm not on a bike, I enjoy bouldering, organising film festivals, making Charlotte cups of tea and there are sometimes 3 children around too.

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